Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 2

If you would have asked me how I felt about virtual school this time last week, my response would have been 100% negative. I struggle so much the first week. I felt it was information over load. My daughter was failing courses and my son wasn't moving through the courses at all. Now m, we are half way through week 2. It's a completely different experience. My son has straight As and my daughters grades are quickly improving. Looking back I can see several reasons why I struggled with the virtual school experience. First I had to realize this was not a brick and mortar school and it isn't homeschool. Seems so obvious saying it but that is the truth. With virtual school I can see every grade my child gets and how it impacts their grades. This is refreshing and stressful. I stressed every low grade they received. Now I can see sometimes the kids don't master everything at first viewing and may at times receive a less than desirable grade. But these grades only count as a small percentage of their over all grade. I also had to realize that unlike brick a B&m schools virtual school allows you to work when ever and where ever. It's ok if my child is slightly behind on one subject because their are tons of opportunities to catch up. My child can work on their weekend days. Or even on holiday breaks. Of course I never want my kids to fall behind but some subjects may take more time than other to comprehend.  Although the teachers are not physically present they are always avalible. I and my kids had to come to understand that the teacher is only a phone call or an email away. Most of the lessons my kids can read and understand very easily without much help. But at times they need some added assistance. That's where the teacher comes in. We call or email the teacher and they are always willing to help. I love love love virtual school. I can't imagine going to a B&M school. 

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