Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Starting Our Journey

My family and I have decided to start a new adventure. We've decided to start homeschooling. After carefully weighing our options we decided on a virtual school. I have home schooled in the past but that was overseas. When living in Japan, I decided to supplement their learning at home in English. But now that we are back in the good ole USA we wanted to try something different. Virtual schooling allows the kids the learn at home but it also takes some of the responsibility off of me. I do not have to plan learning assignments or search and pay for curriculum. My kids are able to learn at home and not have to deal with bullying or a strict school schedule. The down side is the virtual schools are still public schools so my kids will still have to take standardized test. We aren't looking forward to that part. Currently, I am looking at two schools. K12 and Connections Academy seem to be a great fit for what we are looking for.  Starting the enrollment process now for both while I weigh out the options. I haven't decided on which school to go with yet.